LeChicTouch.com was born in June 2017 out of inspiration. After spending 15 years buying "Mood Lipsticks", and "Hand candy".  I had the idea, one morning, to create my blog, and I did it.

A self-proclaimed style enthusiast, organization nut, and concealer fanatic. An educated consumer and make-up junkie at heart.  LeChicTouch is a way to share my passion for Chic stuff, cool tips, and also a way to fulfill my commitment to helping others achieve self-love and acceptance.

Originally Algerian, and currently residing in the East Coast of the States, I consider myself a Citizen of the world.

Here I won't talk about political or controversial subjects of the blogosphere, not because I don't have an opinion, but more because I want it to be neutral, and positive.

The opinions expressed on this blog are not official and reflect only my personal opinion.

My Blog is in my image: Simplicity & Humor are de rigueur.

                                                                                                   Xo, Lady S. 

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