Lost In Dry Hair

November 19, 2018

After many colorations my hair ended up very damaged; it breaks for no reason.
I tried a variation of products and none of them work ! 
I decided to get back to my natural color and let it be. 
Now my hair is in rehab, I don’t use chemicals and I avoid the heat as much as possible. So far it is growing... 

Me & my Hair, we have never been friends. I don't like them much. I don't have big stuff on my head, for the little hair I got, it is pretty thick and electric, and since I have been dying them, they are crazy Dry. A real nightmare...
I took forever to work my way out of it, but today I can say that I am about to win the war with dry hair. I won't lie and say I love my hair now, but my hair feels more alive.
I started to use the amazing L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil... I don't even have to dry my hair anymore. Love the soft touch I get, the slight curls... The Gamme is PERFECTION.
I find myself very happy to share with you my little hair win <3 p="">
Xo Lady S.

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