Ze Body talk; Happiness From the Inside Out

July 05, 2017

Summer days are here, Let's have some Body talk. You're welcome to wineup :) 
First things Frist; Let's put the fake confidence aside, the one we see online; just like perfect wardrobes, and relationship goals. Body Image is serious althought I am sure there are people out there who are 100% confident with the way they look, I follow as well several bloggers fighting back the impossible body standards shared by the media and especially the fashion industry, It might be really empowring reading these women expressing their confidence, but what about me and the people who dont like what they've got! 
 I still and i am sure many of us are still concerned about how our body looks, "the camera makes me fat, so i gotta be extra skinny..."  

I have been skinny in my young age, So I never felt any pressure over how my body looks, or how a bathing suit fits. Now that I am 26 and I have been letting go on healthy eating habits, for the past 3 years my weight have been all over the place. My friends and family are noticing it, and commenting on it. My mom even pressed the alarm button. Does it stress me ? Yes of course. 

Woman in general are self-deprecating, not sure about men but probably most of them are as well. After I gained some pounds, and some flapps I started hating people, not literally hating but the kind of hate that allows you to stay in, go to work, or to school then come back home, comfort yourself with some Pretty Little Liars episodes, then lay with some chips and ice cream... I called it the good life. 

My activity levels were sedentary. I try going to the gym, dieting... I just can't fit gym in my schedule!! I don't understand the Instagramers sharing their workout every day.. I am just not that person, I am amazed by their will power. I started to realize that I was too much in the letting go of myself, I felt disgusting for awhile, until the day I had to get new pants for work ! I went from size 4 to size 8-9 in 2years without even noticing. My face was full of pimples, double chin..  I decided to take my life in hands, and make a change. 

I did so much research, and I came to understand that our diet was the most important ! The happiness is from the inside out :) 

Here I am starting my journey. Deducting sugar, carbs intake, and meal portions. I lost 4lb  in the past two weeks.  

In this online age, I committed myself to be transparent, in this context I wanted to share with you my philosophy, and my body change; I say this because I recently entered a healthy journey that I will be sharing little by little as well.

Thank you for reading, I truely hope you enjoyed ! Let me know what you think about your body, and if you had a journey or you're through it, I would love to read you.    
Much love from me to you. 

                                                                                                                              Xo, Lady S.

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