What Is Victoria's Secret, Secret?

July 02, 2017

Hi, Chickies. 
Today I am inspired to write about a very ironic story I discovered not so long ago.

Have you ever wonder what was victoria's secret secret ?
I personally would've never guessed that the founder was a dude! 
Aay.. Roy Raymond liked lingeries, but he was embarrassed to shop for his wife in department stores... Plus when he walked in the lingerie department of the store, he could find only floral AKA ugly nightdresses style, with store lighting the merchandise looked even uglier. Despite the fact that he felt like a pervert walking in women's world. He wasn't impressed by the style and the layout of the lingerie... 
The magnificent idea came up, and he decided to go for it. He got a $40.000 loan from a bank and borrowed $40.000 from his In-laws. Opened a store in California and created a catalog for mail-order.  He not only revolutionized the world of lingerie but also its perception. After 5years Victoria's secret was making 500.000$ net a year! Roy sold it for $4millions. Good enough right? .. 3years later the company was worth over $500millions... 
The poor guy jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge :(  

#LadyS #VictoriaSecretetruth 

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