The Pretty Dictatorship

July 09, 2017

Since the Greeks, we’re still victims today of beauty typos. Appearance still plays a big role in our everyday life; subconsciously or not;  “What’s good is pretty”

  • Did you know that kids smile to pretty people?

  • Did you know that even a mother would play more if her baby is beautiful, but would she will focus on learning for a less beautiful child; thus less beautiful kids tend to succeed more in the education-professional sectors. 

  • Did you know that the probability of you smiling to a beautiful kid is higher compared to you smiling to a less attractive one? Yes even in little babies, we might think they all amazingly pretty, but not to our brains! 

  • Did you know that in elementary school teachers have a better opinion, and evaluate better beautiful kids? These kids tend to have strong confidence in themselves throughout their life.

  • In High School & College; if we compare a beautiful student with a less pretty student; both having the same intellectual level, the pretty student is given a preferential treatment.

  • Now that you got your degree, You think that you got rid of the appearance dictature?  50% of employers think that physique is important when hiring !

  • Did you know that beautiful people are considered more intelligent, more ambitious, warmer, more sociable, balanced and less aggressive?

Beauty; I see it as a social discrimination tool that elite class imposes on lower classes. Love life, work life you want it or not your relationships are conditioned by the power of appearance since you were a baby. 

Disclaimer: Yet I am still shocked at this studies, and the ethics of their elaboration; especially regarding children beauty levels. 

Would love to read your inputs about The Dictatorship of Appearance 

    Xo, Lady S.

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