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July 09, 2017


What does it mean to believe in God? let me start with a definition... So, the "belief" is a point of the continuum of knowledge from no knowledge to absolute knowledge. opposite to faith which is emotional.
Why do people NOT believe in God? my thought goes to "if there's God, it implies a purpose to creation, values to live by and of course restrictions." but come on who likes restrictions? who wants restrictions on his/her desires?
You atheist? I thought that the atheist is the one who has the evidence that there is no God! what’s your evidence? Oh, sorry bud you’re actually agnostic? so you have evidence that you can NOT know if there’s a God? what’s your evidence that you can NOT know? oh ! well, so just to be on the same page; to prove that God does not exist, you need to know all that actually exists, search the whole universe, dimensions and so and so ...
I would say it is “ IMPOSSIBLE”
Does anyone have the truth? Most of us have never thought that systematically about the topic. However, it is for sure the most important question of our cheap lives. If there truly is a God who created life with a purpose. does not it make sense to find out why and what he wants for us and from us?
Sounds like an evidence for some of us...
Ask, learn, think, and travel your brain...
Let me know your ideas about the subject
Xo Lady S.

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